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We strive to serve our clients everyday with excellence in engineering, service quality and delivered business value.

Clear Measure is a place where lifelong friendships are built and where learning from each other is something constant. We work together, we grow together and we put our clients first. We celebrate when our clients win and focus on the long-term business outcomes for them.

We know that anyone can and will succeed in our company as long as they take to heart our 6 culture-building core values.

We believe that building strong relationships is the best way to foster knowledge transfer from each other and have friends to share in our successes. We believe that serving others first will help us to value our co-workers and clients at a whole new level. We believe that excellence is something earned through hard work and collaboration and that is achieved only with maximum effort. We believe that leadership means providing each person with the tools and environment he or she needs to succeed and grow. We believe that authenticity means truth, respect, and integrity no matter the circumstance. And finally, we believe in working hard to achieve the highest results for our clients and for ourselves because it is our job to ensure that we maximize our clients’ and our co-workers’ return on investment in us.