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Cloud Platform: With Microsoft, you can rely on powerful, innovative, and trustworthy technology that meets the needs of organizations of all types and sizes. We are experts in the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure. Application Development: Enable faster software delivery and continuous improvement.

Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a user-friendly release management and deployment automation system for professional .NET developers. Octopus works with your build server to enable reliable, secure, automated releases of ASP.NET applications and Windows Services into test, staging and production environments, whether they are in the cloud or on-premise.

Particular Software builds the most comprehensive, mature, and extensible platform for Microservices development in .NET. They are the most developer-friendly enterprise service platform for .NET, enabling teams to build loosely coupled systems while maintaining transactional consistency, reliability, and scalability.


JetBrains has a passion for making developers more productive. They design intelligent development tools to simplify your challenging tasks, automate the easy ones, and help you develop with pleasure. For more information, please visit


PostSharp is the #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB. It allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machines. PostSharp contains ready-made implementations of the most common patterns such as INotifyPropertyChanged, logging, or security and gives you the tools to build automation for your own patterns. It also allows you to build thread safe applications in C# and VB.

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