Optimize your software delivery: we’ll show you how to use Azure DevOps pipelines and best practices.

How can you make your development team the best it can be? By optimizing your pipelines and processes. Let us teach you how to design the best DevOps pipeline - be it on Azure DevOps pipelines, Octopus Deploy, Jetbrains TeamCity or others. Take a look at the video to the right for a quick intro. Of course, we’re happy to help.

If you’re ready for a competitive advantage, we deliver. Turn to Clear Measure to boost your team with Azure DevOps, .Net, VSTS, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, and more.

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How We Helped Our Customers

"...and then they delivered the software that made it happen."

“Clear Measure helped me think about how to make my business more productive and efficient in ways I had never considered before”

-Will Shapiro, CEO, S3

"Our ongoing relationship is a key pillar to delivering critical business services as we grow.”

“Clear Measure has been a great partner since day one. They have worked diligently with my entire organization to ensure our success. The system they have built for us is a critical component of our business platform. "

-Brian Conneen, Marlette Funding

“Everybody was engaged. I liked the way everyone worked together. "

"They were very collaborative. A sense of enjoyment. Always seeking culture fit and I felt there was a match there. The team engaged each other. “

-Jan Kearbey - VP of Marketing & Sales, Service Lloyds

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