No job description can adequately describe a job, your experience filling it, or the career growth possible through it. Company co-founder, Jeffrey Palermo, has a track record of growing employees. Though the descriptions necessarily have some buzz words in it, they are attempts at a description of this company and position.

Clear Measure, Inc. is a custom software company founded by Jeffrey Palermo. This company provides the full breadth of custom software services. Interacting at the executive level, we translate business objectives into reality through custom software. These positions are a tremendous opportunity for professional growth. There will be constant change, but one thing is certain, you will learn faster at Clear Measure than you will anywhere else.

Clear Measure is an equal opportunity employer.

Internship Program

Clear Measure is looking for motivated high school seniors or college students who want to be immersed in the environment of a professional software engineering firm. Ideal candidates will be polished, independent workers with superior communication skills. The Internship Program spans all departments including engineering, sales, marketing, recruiting, and operations.

To find out more about the Internship Program or to submit your resume, send an email to