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November 1, 2016 | Austin, TX

At the recent Fast 50 awards reception, the Austin Business Journal ranked Clear Measure, Austin-based software engineering firm, as the #1 fastest growing company in central Texas with under $10M in annual revenue.

This highly anticipated ranking was part of the ABJ’s annual Fast 50 contest, in which companies have experienced significant revenue growth over the past three years. Each company submits financial data that is verified by a third party and then ranked into the top 50 according to compounded revenue growth.

Having been established in 2012, this was the first year Clear Measure was eligible to participate in the contest. Clear Measure’s raw growth rate from 2013 to 2015 was determined to be 521% with an impressive annual compounded growth rate of 149%.

Fast 50 - Fastest Growing Company

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About Clear Measure
Clear Measure is a software engineering firm that brings a competitive advantage to growing companies. It provides a focused business approach, innovative leadership, and expertise in designing, building, integrating and modernizing software solutions. By building custom software that is architected for ROI, as well as managing and operating it efficiently, Clear Measure enables companies to realize long-term cost savings and maximize their systems’ business value. Clear Measure is headquartered in Austin, TX, with an office in Ohio. More information is available at