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Gold Microsoft Partner for DevOps

Azure DevOps consultants Clear Measure announce new Microsoft Gold Partner Status: DevOps

AUSTIN, October 30, 2018 – Clear Measure today announced its status as Microsoft Gold Partners in the latest competency, DevOps, in addition to its existing Gold Partner status in the Cloud competency.

“As leading Azure DevOps consultants, we’ve been working with Azure DevOps since day one,” said Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure CEO. “We’re excited to add this Microsoft certification to our collection, showing our customers our continued commitment to excellence.”

Featured on the 2018 Inc. 5000, Clear Measure works with companies worldwide to build and implement Azure DevOps best practices and streamline their software development processes. CEO Palermo also hosts the Azure DevOps Podcast, which features his insights as well as ideas, advice and practical tips from podcast guests.

As experienced Azure DevOps consultants, the Clear Measure team helps its customers get the most from their development teams, their DevOps processes, and...

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Azure DevOps experts Clear Measure announce brand new Azure DevOps Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms

AUSTIN, September 14, 2018 –Clear Measure today announced the new Azure DevOps Podcast, hosted by Microsoft MVP and Azure DevOps expert Jeffrey Palermo. Clear Measure is proud to sponsor this new podcast, focused on strategy, tactics and expert advice all around Azure DevOps, devops, and related Microsoft technologies (like VSTS).

“I’m excited to share these Azure DevOps insights with developers around the world,” said Jeffrey Palermo, host and Clear Measure CEO. “Listeners will gain practical, actionable advice from our experience and expertise in Azure, DevOps, efficient software development, Microsoft VSTS, and related technologies mixed with the unmatched insights from our guests.”

Featured on the 2018 Inc. 5000, Clear Measure works with companies worldwide to build and implement Azure DevOps best practices and streamline their software development processes. The Palermo-hosted Azure DevOps Podcast features...

Clear Measure Inc. Magazine

Clear Measure ranks on the 2018 Inc. Magazine 5000 (Inc 5000) for the second year in a row, showing growth and customer focus.

Software Developer for Small Department

If this just happened, and you are the operations executive at your firm, you may be a bit stressed at the moment. The Internet is littered with articles that discuss reasons developers and software engineers quit their jobs at otherwise high-profile tech companies.

The fact is software developers quit all types of companies. If you are a company that is not in the Fortune 5000, and your market happens to be more high-touch than high-tech, then this might have been your only developer, or half of your team of two!

Because the departure of a developer in a small IT department can leave a gaping hole, it’s not a bad idea to look at why the event happened in the first place even as you look to fill the role as quickly as possible.

Why Developers Quit

In a company with a small software department, it is often more challenging to attract and retain qualified talent. And just because you’re not a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean you’re not in need of a talented developer. Many mid-market companies rely upon a careful mix of off-the-shelf...

Texas Software Development Firm

For most small and mid-market companies based in Texas, the case for keeping software development here in the Lone Star State is more compelling than ever. Indeed, the reality of outsourcing software development to countries like India is that it’s not always the best or cheapest alternative for a company to pursue. Offshoring software development is complicated.

Put simply, the risk of outsourcing to offshore software development firms often outweigh the financial savings that those firms always advertise.

At Clear Measure, we were faced with a similar decision years ago. We wondered if we should follow others in the custom software development industry by sending more of our work offshore in order to offer a lower price point. We decided that keeping our talent in-house and onshore (mostly here in Texas!) would be a competitive advantage that our customers would appreciate.

It turns out we were right.

Here are just some of the advantages our own Texas-based customers — many from traditional industries like manufacturing, natural resources and logistics —...

Modernize Legacy Software

Renovating a home is never as simple as it looks on paper. You can get an architect to draft up the blueprints for the new and improved home you dreamed up but once the project gets started things just have a way of going sideways, especially if you have an older home.

Even if you haven’t renovated a home yourself, you need only watch any of the popular home renovation shows on HGTV to understand how a home renovation project can encounter unforeseen challenges. An outdated electrical system, compromised foundations, previously undetected mold -- any of these can turn your dream home into a nightmare project.

Modernizing legacy software can often have similar hidden traps, challenges, and drama. Plus, the risks are just as great, maybe even greater, in that a botched modernization project could cost a company enormously in lost productivity, customer loyalty and cash flow.

Planning Stage: The devil is in the details, and planning the specific details of a software modernization project, which can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, is...

Onshore Software Development Company

The trend toward using onshore software development firms has been growing in recent years. So much so that The New York Times wrote an article about the reasons behind the shift.

As you’d imagine, cost has a lot to do with the recent surge in nearshore and onshore development work. As the cost of developers has grown in countries like India and China, the previous cost advantage there versus developers in the U.S. has shrunk.

There are, however, other reasons why using onshore software development can help your company’s bottom-line.


When you hire a software development firm in the U.S., especially if it’s ‘close to home,’ you have the advantage only proximity and a shared work culture can give you. When you deal with a software development firm here in the U.S., it’s within the same or similar time zone as you. Translation? There is less lag time you have to wait for...

Using the Cloud for your Software Modernization

The tech world has always enjoyed throwing around acronyms to communicate complex ideas -- SQL for structured query language, SAN for storage area network, JSP for java server page.

Now the Cloud has introduced a new set of acronyms that could use some explaining. PaaS and IaaS are two such examples that are related yet highly differentiated in terms of what services you decide to locate in the Cloud.

The question is, should your company, as part of a broader software modernization strategy, begin to use one of these Cloud models for its IT needs?

Many small and mid-market enterprises are beginning to embrace the Cloud as they seek to minimize the cost (and risk) of their IT operations. But what the Cloud is now capable of offering is not limited to storing data offsite for ease of system restores, although that is certainly still a value of using the Cloud. You now have the ability to run the bulk of a company’s IT operations entirely through Cloud service providers like Azure and AWS, including using the Cloud to setup and run a software development...

software modernization and devops

Radical changes in both the business world and consumer behavior are compelling companies to modernize now more than ever before. From opening online stores, building sophisticated websites, to managing social media accounts, there are many ways businesses have adapted to today's online consumer, and many business owners have taken taken the first strides towards modernizing their business for today’s marketplace.

While these kinds of marketing efforts can help the outward appearance of your business, it's critical to look internally as well to make sure your legacy systems are ready to tackle whatever's coming next. Read on to learn how legacy system modernization can help you improve your business's bottom line while preparing your business for whatever lies ahead.

It Provides a Competitive Advantage

If you're operating in a sector that's dominated by old technology, don't lose the opportunity of beating your competitors by modernizing your internal systems. The efficiency you gain through legacy system modernization can not only make your...

Outsource Software Development to Local Software Company

If your company needs to create a new piece of software or refurbish an older legacy system, you may be deciding whether you'll produce the software in-house or outsource software development to an outside contractor. In many cases, hiring a local software company for your outsourced project can provide a variety of benefits from a quicker development time to a lower overall cost.

Outsourcing Gets Your Project Running Quickly

If your company doesn't already have an in-house software development team, you'll need to locate, hire and train a dedicated team to begin working on your project. Even after you've hired your team, they'll still need to spend time learning how to delegate responsibility for maximum effectiveness, and acquire the necessary equipment and other resources you’ll need for your project.

On the other hand, a dedicated software development contractor will likely have all of the key personnel in place already. They are well equipped to support your software development project and can quickly set up a collaborative development...