Blog series: Automated Database Deployments from Octopus Deploy

In this blog series, Bob Walker from Octopus Deploy explores automating database deployments and walks through the process of setting up database lifecycle management. He provides some real-world examples using a variety of database deployment tools and discusses some common pitfalls you might run into.

  1. Automated database deployments series kick off - An introduction to the challenges (there’s quite a few) and benefits of automating your database deployments.
  2. Automated database deployments iteration zero - Exploring the different approaches to automating database deployments, moving to dedicated databases, communication, and building trust.
  3. Automated database deployments using state based Redgate SQL change automation - A detailed tutorial on how to set-up an automated database deployment pipeline using the state-based approach and Redgate tooling.
  4. Using ad-hoc scripts in your automated database deployment pipeline - Another detailed tutorial on how to set up an automated deployment pipeline to execute ad-hoc database scripts (i.e. minor data fixes etc) in a safe and repeatable way.