JetBrains Implementation

was not on keyword list but needed

link to individual page from partner page too

no keywords yet - perhaps jetbrains implementation, jetbrains partner, jetbrains consulting

Particular Nservice Bus

not sure about title here - add partner etc.

link individual page from partner page too

keywords: particular nservicebus, distributed architecture, message-based architecture, reliable messaging pattern, software development firm

Redgate Implementation

title was redgate sql toolkit

add redgate partner reference, redgate consulting, redgate implementation

individual page will be linked from from partner page as well

keywords: redgate sql toolbelt, database deployment strategies, automated database deployments, schema migrations, sql server deployments

Software Quality

text to come

keywords: regression testing, software quality assurance, load testing software, automated regression testing, automated web testing, automated ui testing, automated browser testing

Octopus Deploy Implementation

not sure on exact heading wording - thoughts?

Individual page to be linked from partner page as well

text to come

keywords: octopus deploy, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated deployment

add octopus deploy consulting, octopus deploy help, octopus deploy partner

DevOps Implementation

text to come

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microsoft cloud, azure devops, continuous delivery, continuous integration tools, cloud infrastructure, infrastructure as a service

Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration

Page was microsoft azure cloud partners - check url

text to come

microsoft cloud, microsoft azure, cloud migration, azure services, azure websites, azure cloud hosting, azure deployment, azure consulting

Software Development and Team Building

page was custom software development

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keywords: it outsourcing services, staff augmentation, custom software development, software development firm, custom software development company, custom software solutions

Legacy Software Modernization

text to come

Agile Transformation

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keywords: agile methodology expert, agile coach, agile project management, agile process, agile and scrum

Production Monitoring and Alerting

text to come

keywords: production system monitoring, production alerts, production instrumentation, system metrics, new relic implementation, sumo logic implementation